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Straight Teeth

If you are not confident with the appearance of your teeth, there are ways to straighten them. 

  •  Braces are the most common straightening method. They apply pressure on the teeth, moving them into the correct position. Metal, ceramic, self litigating and lingual braces should be placed by an orthodontist.

  • Aligners are relatively new teeth alignment treatment. They are invisible plastic devices that adjust your teeth.

In-Office aligners are placed by an orthodontist or a dentist who checks your teeth health before applying the appropriate orthodontic treatment.

At-home aligners are self-administered and are therefore cheaper. The product company treats you virtually by sending a kit that will help them creating a 3D mold of your teeth. The dental team afterwards creates the aligners that you receive by mail.

  • ·Veneers give the apparence of straight teeth, but do not actually straighten them. They are custom-made shells covering the front surface of the teeth to improve the color, size and shape of the teeth. They are made of composite resin or porcelain. 

Several options are available to get straight teeth.


Byte Aligners

Duration & Price: If you’d like to get your teeth aligned fast, Byte is for you. Byte promises you results in an average time of 4 months with the all-day plan for a price of $1,999, and 5 months with the night plan for $2,399. Monthly payments are available.  

Treatment Method: The steps are easy. You buy the impression kit at a special price right now of $14,95 instead of $95. This amount is refundable if it appears that you are not a good candidate. After shipping your impressions, a dentist or an orthodontist will create your invisible aligner.


Byte Advantages:

  • The results are quick.

  • No office visit is required.

  • Byte gives you a lifetime guarantee. This means that if your teeth get misaligned again after the treatment, you’ll get new aligners free of charge.

  • The aligners are made of BPA free, medical grade, highly durable plastic.

  • There is a very high number of positive reviews.

  • With Byte aligners you also get Hyperbyte, a vibrational frequency device that increases tooth movement, while reducing discomfort.


Byte Drawbacks

  • The method is an only at-home treatment, which is therefore best suited to mild or moderate issues.

  • There is no physical location to get treated.



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