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Why should I floss in addition to brushing my teeth?

When you floss, you reduce the number of food particles, bacteria, and also the plaque between teeth. Therefore it also helps preventing heart disease.

What is teeth grinding and what is it caused by?

When you involuntarily clench or grind your teeth, this is called bruxism. It usually happens while you sleep. The causes can be stress, anxiety, sleep disorder, or a missing, crooked or damaged tooth.

Is teeth grinding serious?

Regular grinding can lead to serious damages to your teeth, and even to your overall oral health. You may experience  a sore jaw, face pain or headaches. Damages also include jaw disorders and tooth sensitivity, fracture or loss,


How do I stop grinding my teeth?

A mouthguard will prevent your teeth from striking against one another. It is a protective device that can be placed around the upper teeth or the lower teeth. Other tips include avoiding caffeine and alcohol to sleep better, applying a warm washcloth for 15 minutes on each side of the face before sleeping.

Why are my teeth so yellow?

Some factors affect the color of your teeth:  

  • Staining drinks like coffee, tea, wine, even coke.

  • Tobacco use.

  • Age: the teeth color changes over the aging process because the tooth enamel thins over the years.

  • Medications like antihistamines or for high blood pressure.

There are a few tips to keep your teeth white.

Can everyone have their teeth whitened?

Some people should avoid this procedure:

  • Pregnant women.

  • Nursing mothers.

  • Children under 16 because their teeth and roots are still developing.

  • People with oral health conditions.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

The whitening effect last from a few months to 3 years, depending on how well you care for your teeth.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

  • Tooth sensitivity can be experienced by some people.

  • The tooth enamel or gums can be damaged in case of overuse of the product.


How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened?

Having your teeth whitened by a professional is more expensive than at-home treatments. In-office teeth whitening ranges from $300 to $1,200. Take-home kits cost between $200 and $400 on average.


What is straightening treatment for?

It usually corrects crowded or crooked  teeth. People with misaligned teeth often seek this treatment to improve their smile and boost their confidence.


At what age can I have a straightening treatment?

Orthodontic care is not only for children and teenagers. You can have your teeth straightened as an adult at nearly any age. It is never too late to get a beautiful smile!  


How long does it take to straighten teeth?

It can take between 5 months, sometimes less, and 3 years, sometimes more, to get a result depending on the work to be done. The average time for the orthodontic treatment is 2 years.


Can I get my teeth aligned faster?

Veneers can be a solution to achieve the result you want fast. These thin coverings that are placed over the visible part of the tooth can create the appearance of aligned teeth.

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